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From its inception ,the Haya Restaurants have established a name and fame for itself in Kuwait in the arena of aroma , taste and best served food now with ample services provided through our chefs, waiters along with a wide range of other services like home service and birthday parties and wedding parties office celebrations etc. a single unhappy customer can wipe out all other customer therefore utmost care and authentic service is necessary for retaining and maintaining the goodwill of the restaurant.

With a strong team of workers and dedicated suppliers working in unison to bring you a culinary experience and extraordinaire skill. From selecting the freshest ingredients to finishing the cuisine, to serving you rich delicacies and aromatic dishes. Haya Restaurants Ltd. is the name of a grand and passionate journey of aromatic flavours, unraveling authentic cuisines from around the world.

Food is an expression of love. A well prepared dish is not only life giving, it strengthens bonds between people. This respect for food and love for sharing it with people is the reason why we do what we do. Doing our duty with immense style, service and care.